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As huge advocates of a more inclusive Hollywood, the team behind BEACHWORLD is proud to announce that 60% of our crew are women and 1/3 military veterans.

Beachworld writer/director Jackie Perez



Jackie has loved horror ever since the womb when her mom read IT, Christine, and The Stand while pregnant. She graduated from MIT with a degree in Environmental Engineering and spent the last 10 years in the Navy and Navy Reserve as a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer. 5 years ago she did a career 180 into film and learned all about the movie business while working at CAA and Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment. 


She graduated with an MFA in TV and Screenwriting from Stephens College and her recent script U-666 won Best Un-Produced Screenplay at Screamfest 2017.  She loves working with practical effects and writes stories exploring the choices we make and the people we become when shit hits the fan.  She is the founder of Pointed Pictures, a genre production company dedicated to diversity in front of and beyond the camera.

Check out more at

IG @jackierageperez

Twitter @jackierageperez @pointedpictures

Beachworld executive producer Karen Kraft with Stan Lee



Karen is an experienced and award-winning writer, director, producer, television executive, and founder of Hero Media Group.  She served as Creative Executive for the Discovery Production Group, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc., and managed over 50 producers, writers, field crews, and editors.  She subsequently served as the Head of Media for the mobile company Vidiator, Inc., a division of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., where she oversaw the global content strategy and production team for serving mobile companies such as Sprint, Cingular, Vodafone and “3” 3G networks in Asia and Europe. 

Karen has a B.S. in Communications from Ithaca College and an M.A. in Film & Writing from American University.  She is a former Army Reserve Officer and a member of the Producer’s Guild of America. She is also a Board Member for Veterans in Media and Entertainment.

Beachworld make-up and special effects team Chronix EFX



Founded on the idea of "The more gore the better" and a love for all things horror, Chronix EFX is a family owned company.  Father Rod Vizcaino, Daughter Nikki Hicks, and Son-in-Law Chris Hicks take every project as "Big Budget" whether it is a small short, indie, student-film, or feature.  Their makeup shows the care and love they have for their craft and that level of commitment has lent to some great work with some of the greatest teams in the industry.  Nikki took lead as Key Make-up and SFX supervisor for Beachworld.

IG @chronixefx

Beachworld composer Michael Clebanoff



Michael is a musician and composer from Los Angeles California. He specializes in creating original music, sound design and voice over, for video. Michael has been playing music for over 25 years and has extensive experience working with DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations) such as Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Cubase.

As a composer, Michael has created original music for companies such as Western Digital, Leica, Goodwill, Jacuzzi and more.

As an artist, Michael has credits on engineering and mixing albums for Grover Anderson, Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers, Preston Earnest and more. His passion is not just playing music but practicing the art of collaboration and helping to bring other people's art to life.

Check out his music and work at

Beachworld producer Brian Campeau



Brian’s background in the military is just one part of his story.  Photography is his love, and helping people is his passion.  He is a partner at oneNinth, a content creation agency whose name references the 1/9th of an iceberg above water.  OneNinth takes a holistic approach to production services and Brian is zeroed in on everything below the surface that it takes to bring a film to life.

IG @oneninth

Beachworld director of photography Sarah Phillips



Sarah is a cinematographer and drone pilot in Los Angeles. Recently in 2017-2018 she DP-ed an AT&T SHAPE award-winning sci-fi short, and a short documentary about foster children in the LA community, and is attached to DP another short documentary this summer, a sci-fi short film, an indie drama short, as well as to lead drone an indie feature this summer. She recently was the aerial cinematographer on an Infiniti car commercial, the TV show “Pool Kings,” a handful of music videos, and digital content in Los Angeles.

She co-founded Phileon Productions with Laetitia Leon in 2014 with one mission - increase women in front of and behind the camera. Her short films and screenplays have shown at Academy-qualifying festivals and placed in film competitions. Sarah is passionate about musicals, women in film, and emerging technology; She holds a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Missouri and an MFA in TV & Screenwriting from Stephens College. When she is not DP-ing, she can be found directing or drone operating on sets both in Southern California and around the US, or editing VFX in post.

Check out her work at &
IG @sarahphillipsdirector @phileonproductions
Twitter @sarahandharlow @PhileonProds

Beachworld associate producer Amy Banks



Amy Banks is a 2017 graduate of the Stephens College Master of Fine Arts in TV and Screenwriting inaugural class. She is an adjunct professor of English at State Fair Community College. Her screenplay Red Road Rastas earned Banks a place on the 2017 Bitch List, an honor that seeks to highlight un-produced feature and television screenplays that pass the Bechdel test and feature a diverse cast. Her writing has been featured on The Muppet Mindset website and her co-authored book, Love and Marriage: The Naked Truth Now Revealed, is available on  Her essays on female screenwriters Jane Murfin and Elinor Glyn will be published by McFarland in spring 2018, in the collection titled When Women Wrote Hollywood:  Essays on Female Screenwriters in the Early Film Industry. She currently resides in New Franklin, Missouri with her husband Matthew and sons Fletcher and Grady. 

Beachworld associate producer and production coordinator Dianna Wilson



Dianna Leanne Wilson has been working in film and television for over 15 years. Working on the production side and the creative side has given her the ability to appreciate all that goes into filmmaking, while never losing the sense of wonder that comes with watching a well crafted piece of cinematic art. When asked to be part of this project, she was thrilled and excited to work with Jackie Perez and the wonderful team she had put together. 


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